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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 29, 2018 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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inside the home of a missing a neighborhood mystery takes a horrifying turn inside the home of a missing man. police find a headless body in a fish tank. good evening. i am ken bastida. >> i am elizabeth cook.
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officers made the discovery inside the home on clarra street in san francisco. kpix 5's joe vazquez is talking to neighbors who have been worried about the missing man for weeks. >> reporter: we understand the body is so badly decomposed the medical examiner has not yet been able to determine a cause of death. we don't know if somebody was intentionally killed or they died some other way. for that matter we don't know why somebody would decide to dismember the body. those are just a couple of the many questions here tonight. san francisco police trying to understand what happenedind this apartment. this -- what happened inside this apartment. a dismembered body, so badl a 65r->> ofyings h
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him. >> reporter: friends and family say they called police asking them to check on him. police came to his house and connected three welfare checks but never got past the front door because they insist nothing seemed out of the ordinary. >> we don't just break down doors every time someone reports someone is missing. >> you have friends and family saying they thought he was dead. >> i don't have information that they thought he was dead. just that there was people that were coming and going. >> reporter: two weeks ago neighbors got suspicious when this cleaning company showed up. the kind of crew that cleans up after a crime scene. that is when officers got a search warrant and found the remains. police arrested two suspects. among the original charges were suspicion of murder, fraud, theft and elder abuse but
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charges wig held by the district attorney's office pending more information. >> reporter: neighbors called police tonight and said they found a hiding place between two building with a -- buildings with a large bag tucked inside. officers arrived and found hip dermic needles and hyrmicerd bi hethneighborhood. one thing neighbors are wondering about is why the district attorney decided to pull back on the charges. i talked to a law enforcement source and said it goes back to the original question, what was the cause of death. without an official determination there is a reluctance to charge anybody with any sort of crime till
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they know. joe vazquez, kpix 5. a break in a 9-year-old cold case in menlow park. a fugitive wanted for street racing, a crash that killed a six-year-old girl, has been arrested. police say he was racing another vehicle in november 2009. he ran a red light and crashed into a third vehicle. a six-year-old was killed and her mother was injured. police say surveillance video shows two cars racing before the crash. investigators believe fox left the country. and they found his car. we are expecting to learn more details tomorrow morning at a news conference. a land mark step toward criminal justice reform. california is the first state to get rid of cash bail for people awaiting trial. kpix 5's betty yu reports, opponents are gearing up for a fight. >> reporter: under a law signed
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by governor jerry brown tonight, california will now let people leave jail before trial without having to post bail. that leaves release decisions up to local judges. they would only hold a criminal suspect if they pose a significant risk to public safety or risk missing their court date. if not, most suspects will be released within 12 hours. and it would be up to counties to set up risk assessment systems. >> we don't know what the risk assessment tools will be. they will have a list of the ones acceptable but there aren't -- the legislation does not say here are the standards. >> reporter: he says he was an early supporter of the bill but says under the new law it is unclwhat risk means. >> the implementation will be crucial. if low risk means the one
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percent of safest people, that is not enough for someone like me. if it is 100%, it will be too high for someone else. >> the governs it is reforming the system so everyone is treated fairly. >> we ensure individuals make it back to court at no cost to the taxpayer. >> reporter: he calls the law irresponsible. >> with this bill the way it is written it will put over 10,000 people out of business. it is not a good bill and it will put tens of thousands of people, criminals back on the street. >> reporter: he said relying on the honor system to get suspects back to court puts the public at risk. they say they are meeting with other bail agencies, insurance companies and victim's rights organizations to see what legal options they might have to fight this new legislation. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. tonight a show down over
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san francisco's safe injection sights. the federal government is threatening to shut them down before they open. kpix 5's a andria borba reports the city is ready to stand its safe injection site, san francisco mayor said this. >> the president might crack down on us. so be it. >> reporter: today the warning shot on the matter from the trump administration. from deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. fight drug abuse, don't subsidize it. americans struggling with addiction neat treatment. they do not need a taxpayer sponsored have on to shoot up. it comes a day before a tour of the first full scale model safe injection sight in san francisco -- site in san francisco in the tenderloin. >> it is ignorant.
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it is just absolutely inaccurate and it is atrocious that the number two person that u.s. department of justice would sign his name to something that is completely anti-factual. >> reporter: he was the co- author of the bill that would pave the way for such sites. >> they have a very high success rate of getting people into treatment. they reduce infection rates around historic and hepatitis. they are very successful and for this guy to say basically the opposite of the truth, i mean, it is horrible. >> reporter: the city of san francisco says safe injection sites could save $3.5 million a year. and says a similar program in vancouver has savored 3500 -- saved 3500 lives. the bill was approved on monday. it now sits on brows desk.
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awaiting his signature or veto. andria borba, kpix 5. a we hear about talk of resist when it comes to the white house but tonight lieutenant governor gavin newsom said he is open to working with the president if elected governor. >> at least on some issues. maybe, your honor, we could find ways of -- your honor -- you you know, maybe we could find a way. i think democrats need to be more respectful of folks that don't think like you and me. >> he said he doesn't just blame the right for the lack of civility, he said it president talked about plans that could be good for california. and said he would like to work with him on infrastructure. speaking of the president, tonight he is claiming google's
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search engine is rigged. now he is looking into possible federal regulation of google. president trump tweeted google search results for trump news shows only the viewing reporting of fake news media. google and others are suppressing voices of conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. this is a very serious situation. will be addressed. >> google and twitter and facebook, they are really treading in to troubled territory. it is not fair to large portions of the population. >> google denies their manipulating research results. they issued a statement, search is not used to set a political agenda. we don't bias our results to any political ideology. the leaders from google, facebook and twitter will be on capitol hill for hearings on
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election interference next week. arizona is a and ales tonight are on a bitter republican primary. congress woman is the projected winner. she defeated the former state senator and former former arizona sheriff joe arpaio -- former arizona sheriff joe arpaio tonight. all possessions themselves as supporters of president trump. the seat opened after jeff flake decided not to run for reelection. john mccain will lie in state at arizona's state capital in phoenix tomorrow. the six term senator died over the weekend from brain cancer. he will lie in state at the nation's capital later on this week. 4.4 earthquake jolted southern california today. struck about 7:30 p.m. 3 miles north of laverne. it was felt in downtown los angeles. and northern parts of san diego
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county. there was a 3.4 after shot a minute later. here is video from punoma. bottles -- pomona, bottles shaking. there have been a dozen smaller aftershocks. there are no reports of injuries or damage. a kindergartener walks more than 2 miles home alone. now his parents are demanding to know how he slipped through the cracks. >> and she called a lyft home and says her driver took her into the woods. a bay area woman speaks about the frightening ride. >> and the raiders to the rescue. the team's big fly help save high school sports.
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kindergartner walked more than 2 miles home alone... after he was n on his first a bay area kindergartener walked more than two miles home alone after he was forgotten on his first day of school. kpix 5's juliette goodrich says his parents wants some answers from the school. >> i felt like he would be safe at school. but he wasn't. >> reporter: on his first day of kindergartener his mom gets a phone call from jackson. more than an hour after school ended. >> he said mommy i made it home. i was, like, you are supposed to be at school. why did you take your phone? he said no, i am at home.
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>>rt2.s ho. pares ppou home. from frvemta schowhwinds throug home. >> thinking of what could have happened to my son on his way by himself. >> reporter: his parents say after kindergarten their son was supposed to be escorted to a school program on the campus. a program they pay for. he shared his journey home, not knowing street names, just recognizing land marks. >> that way. right there. >> you walked that way. >> then around there. >> and then what? >> then i went -- straight. i went straight. turned. >> second street he said there was two benches and showed me where they were and he cruzed
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the street -- crossed the street. he said the car stopped. >> reporter: his parents showed up, day two to make sure their son was taken to the after school program. >> working mom. four kids. my husband works as well. and this is what i have to go through to make sure my kids are safe. >> reporter: the school district didn't want to talk on camera but released a statement to kpix 5, the safety and security of our students is our highest priority. the school district has policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of children at school and in after school programs. we take this incident very seriously and are investigating to determine what steps need to be taken to ensure this does not happen again. >> i am beyond mad. trying to get answers and when i came here, i said you need to get the story straight. >> reporter: juliette goodrich,
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kpix 5. a woman says she was nearly kidnapped by her lyft driver. she said she ordered lyft friday morning. but the woman said the driver took her to a wooded area in the oakland hills and refused to let her out. she eventually escaped the car and ordered another lyft. >> i am thankful the secondary lyft driver was a respectable individual. i told him what happened to me and he very apologetically -- he made sure i got home safety. >> we thpolice department never -- the police department never got back to us. they said they are investigating the claims. in a statement a spokesperson for lyft says we reached out to the passenger to extend our full support and the driver has been permanently banned from the lyft platform.
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a new ride share company kateers to women who -- caters to women who prefer female drivers. they said it is a respon sexual assaults involving ride share drivers. thieves took $32,000 worth of iphones and mac packs from the apple -- books from the apple store. they got got aaway a -- away in a black mercedes suv. police did not say if it is connected to last week's robbery. the raiders are stepping up to help save oakland high school sports. kpix 5's christin ayers on the last minute gift that could prevent some drastic cuts. >> reporter: the raiders to the rescue. their big donation will stop
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oakland school district to making big cuts to high school sports. the an was to save money, eliminating wrestling, tennis, golf, swimming and girl's lacrosse. but tonight a hail mary. the raiders announced they are stepping in with a $250,000 donation. in a statement raiders owner said after school athletics are on important part of the high school experience and the donation will keep students athletes on the playing field. news sparked an online giving campaign. they collected a few thousand dollars so far today. >> we have so many kids who use high school sports as, as, like, a gateway to college, a way to stay out of trouble. >> the school district is
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still fundraising. >> i would love to see that from the warriors, love to see that from the a's, love to see that from all of oakland's newest residents. anyone who can do something should do something. >> reporter: the superintendent called the raiders big brothers anded there is no way to -- and there is no way to propertily -- properly thank them. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> good job. 59 degrees and clear skies right now. cloudy tomorrow morning. also 59 livermore. 54 santa rosa. san francisco 60s. no fog right now. lining up at the coast. san jose 63. concord 62. 50s tonight. napa 55. sun rise 6:37 a.m. in san francisco. 58 degrees. air quality good today. again tomorrow. blue skies in the afternoon once the clouds burn off. gray in the morning. cloud cover and fog and good to
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moderate air quality. no big ridge of high pressure. we can't find one if we wanted to buy one. we have an area of low pressure over the pacific. feeding in the onshore flow. a low enhanced the onshore flow and kept it cloudy everywhere till 1:00 p.m. or two p.m. watch the cloud cover again tomorrow. lots of it in the morning. burns back to the coast line in the afternoon. we will get the sunshine. even at the coast you will see sunshine with more cloud cover on thursday. transition day is friday. lows of an ocean -- less of an ocean influence. the cool breeze with the afternoon sunshine. the mornings cloudy, drizzly and damp. it will feel like fall before the sun comes t. concord 75 degrees tomorrow. 70 oakland. 79 campbell with morning
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clouds. san mateo 71. hayward not even hitting 77. pit burgh 76. daly city 63. cloudy tomorrow morning. napa 74. richmond 68 degrees. extended forecast calling for warmer weather beginning friday. we may get close to 90 degrees over the weekend inland but i think we will stay shy. 80s. 70s near the bay and 60s at the beach. pleasant weather with sunshine in the afternoon for the next 7 days. >> thank you. it happens to the best of us. you go shopping for one thing you go shopping for one thing and come out with a whole come try my teriyaki bowls. you go shopping for one thing and come out with a whole now available with steak or chicken, covered in our teriyaki sauce, plus steamed veggies and your choice of white or brown rice. i've got the bowls to serve something different! (sighs) what? try my teriyaki bowls.
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to our shopping lists during a target run. well, there is now an explanation for why we cannot stick to our shopping list during a target run. it is called the target effect. the result of going into a store and intending to buy a few things and then buying much more. an expert says target does this
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muchen days ting. >> -- muchen days ting. merchandising. >> something i do to open my mind. >> target has it best designers in the industry and the company was smart to renovate their stores. the strategy is helping them compete with amazon. don't count the giants out just yet. we have the highlights to prove it and the a's had the arms tonight but did
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sean manaea on the disabled list with a forearm strain. the team also announced manaea has been diagnosed the a's anderson on the disabled list with a arm strain and he has been diagnosed with tendinitis. unclear if he will pitch again this year. astros making sure the a's don't forget there is still the chance. top of the 3rd, houston 1-0. three run blast. 24th of the year. oakland led 3-1. top of the 9th. tied. nick martini a one hopper over the fence. a ground rule double and the a's win 4-3. they are one and a
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half games behind the astros in the west. madison bumgarner shut out the diamondbacks over 7 years innings tonight. dropped a flyball and then kicked it. that allowed jay to reach third base but madison bumgarner got out of the inning of the 9th. base hit. left field. the game winning run. the diamondbacks have not scored a run in the series. the giants are six games back in the west. puts me in the mood for a little music. [ singing ] >> that was 49er rookie singing the back street boys to the crowd othat 49 -- at the 49er foundation dinner tonight. he has been practicing all his life with his family that never
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misses a chance play football, in-- chance to play football, including his grandmother's wake. >> we kind of, you know, getting fed up with waiting around so we played football outside on the lawn, tackle football in our suits and blew off some steam. >> yeah. never misses a chance to play football and he also befriended joe staley. >> never going to say no to a guy that size. >> no. i wouldn't. >> and they
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. good night. late show with stephen colbert is next. when the day turns into night,
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